Facebook announces Rs 1.5 lakh corona bonus to employees

Facebook announces Rs 1.5 lakh corona bonus to employees

Facebook, the world's largest social website, announces a bonus of US $ 1,000, a Pakistani equivalent of Rs. 160,000, to its employees.

Facebook had allowed employees to stay home from work because of the rapid outbreak of the Coronavirus even before the announcement, while the company also offered concessions to smaller social websites and technology firms because of the global outbreak. Was announced.

According to the British Broadcasting BBC, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announces a bonus of US $ 1000, a Pakistani equivalent of Rs.160,000

The bonus will also be paid to employees working at homes, including employees working in homes due to the Coronavirus.

The report said that the total number of full-time permanent employees of Facebook worldwide is 45 thousand, while thousands of employees work with Facebook on an hourly basis.

Facebook announced earlier that it would award employees a Coronavirus bonus that the website would distribute US $ 100 million to a small technology company worldwide.

Facebook announced the distribution of $ 100 million in donations to 30,000 small technology companies and social websites around the world due to business frustrations and problems caused by the Coronavirus.

According to Facebook, the money will be distributed to all the websites and technology companies around the world that are affiliated with the countries where Facebook works.

Facebook is the first major technology company to announce the bonus of the Coronavirus to employees, but it is now thought that other companies, including Twitter and Google, will announce bonuses to their employees.

Technology companies other than Facebook have also allowed their employees to work from home because of the Coronavirus, and thousands of employees of several companies, including Google and Twitter, have been working from home for the past three weeks.

In addition to technology companies, mobile and computer makers have also allowed their employees to work from home while many companies have temporarily closed their production factories.

This is the first time that technology companies around the world have not only temporarily closed their manufacturing factories due to an illness, while also closing many offices and allowing employees to work from home.


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