Facebook announces payment for voice recordings

Facebook announces payment for voice recordings

Facebook is used by more than two and a half billion people worldwide, but now some of them can make money from it.

In fact, the company has announced that consumers will be compensated for voice recording, which aims to improve voice recognition technology.

Along with Facebook, there were revelations from Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon for listening to voice recordings of users and transcribing users without being informed, after which the companies announced the termination.

According to The Verge's report, Facebook will now be given the opportunity to make voice recordings in its View Points Market research app, under a new program 'pronunciation'.

According to Facebook, if you have been eligible to join the program, after saying Hey Portal, there will be a request to record the first name of a friend on the Friend List.

The user will be able to record the names of 10 friends and get 2 occasions for each name.

If the user completes a set of recordings, he or she will receive 200 points in the View Points app and after at least one thousand points the user will be entitled to a $ 5 prize that will be received through PayPal.

Facebook says consumers will get 5 sets of recordings while earning 1,000 points.

According to the company, these voice recordings will not be linked to the Facebook profile, while they will not be shared without permission in Facebook or its proprietary services.

The program is available to users over the age of 18 in the United States who have more than 75 Facebook friends, but it has not been specified whether it will be introduced in other countries.



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