Facebook and Google a Threat to Human Rights.

Facebook and Google a Threat to Human Rights.

Posted on Nov 22, 2019

Amnesty International, a human rights organization, declared Facebook and Google a threat to human rights.

In a new report, the company said Facebook and Google are a threat to human rights, while Amnesty International has raised concerns about consumer protection by these companies.

The report called for a fundamental change in the business model of these technology companies, calling it the watchdog of billions of people everywhere.

Amnesty International said Facebook and Google do not charge any fees, but consumers pay for those services through their data. The report pointed to the Cambridge Analytica scandal that surfaced last year on Facebook, saying it was evidence of how the data could be used as a weapon against consumers.

According to Amnesty International's Secretary-General, "Google and Facebook have collided with customer privacy over time, and we are now stuck." On the one hand, surveillance machinery data is used as a tool to change and influence our thinking, or on the other hand, we turn away from the benefits of the digital world, which is not a legitimate choice. '

Amnesty International calls on governments to change the surveillance business model through data protection laws and effective regulation. According to the report, Amazon and Microsoft have adopted this business model, but they are not a big threat.

Responding to Amnesty International's report, Steve Privacyfield, Facebook's director of privacy and public policy, said: "We respectfully disagree with the company's report, our business model is advertising-based and promotes human rights. Gives people an opportunity to raise their voice. '

A Facebook spokesperson also said in this statement that we do not agree with this report, thanks to Facebook, people around the world have a chance to connect with each other.

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