During the lockdown, actor Osama Tahir also opened a YouTube channel

During the lockdown, actor Osama Tahir also opened a YouTube channel

Posted on May 11, 2020

Pakistan, like other countries in the world, has been locked down since March to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, during which the shooting of dramas and films has been canceled.

In Pakistan, where general entertainment venues are closed, cinemas have been closed and shooting of dramas and films has been postponed, due to which people associated with the showbiz industry have been getting bored sitting at home for the last two months.

However, to avoid boredom, showbiz personalities have started opening their YouTube channels, finding new ways to protect themselves and their fans.

After actresses Ayesha Umar, Saba Qamar, Junaid Khan, and Iqra Aziz, now actor Osama Tahir has also opened a channel on YouTube to avoid boredom and entertain fans during the lockdown.

Osama Tahir's performance in many dramas has been highly praised and he is also very much liked by the new generation, which is why he launched a youtube channel earlier this month.


On May 1, Osama Tahir aired an online game show on his YouTube channel for more than an hour in which he answered his questions, including talking to fans.

The actress launched her live show Sketch Live with Osama Tahir on her YouTube channel and aired her first episode on May 1 and then on May 9, the actor released a promo video on the channel in which he said that he Why open a YouTube channel?

In the promo video, Osama Tahir said that he realized that he too should further strengthen his relationship with the fans, so he opened a YouTube channel.

He admitted that although he was late in doing so, at the same time he said that it was too late and he hoped that the fans would also support him and subscribe to his channel.

It may be recalled that in recent times, there has been an increase in the trend of Pakistani personalities creating online streaming websites and channels, especially on YouTube.

At the same time, there has been an increase in the tendency of other media personalities and even journalists to open channels on YouTube.


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