Do you know about the Delete for Every One feature in the WhatsApp?

Do you know about the Delete for Every One feature in the WhatsApp?

Posted on Feb 24, 2020

Often we send a wrong message to someone on the WhatsApp, which sometimes causes embarrassment.

But in this application, the Delete for Everyone feature was introduced a long time ago as a solution to this problem, making any message disappear from the eyes of others.

There is a certain time for this, after which the message being sent cannot be deleted.

This feature is very useful, but there are some swirls, which WhatsApp itself acknowledges in its FAQ page, as follows.

A newer version of WhatsApp required

To successfully delete a message from a friend's window with your chat window, you and the person to whom the message was sent need to have the WhatsApp version up to date if one has the old version. The Delete for Everyone feature will not work. This applies to both Android and iOS users.

Media file is not deleted in IOS

People who use the WhatsApp app on Apple iPhones can be saved in a media file such as a picture or video in their specific folder in the phone, even if it isn't deleted by others. This is because Apple's privacy policy does not allow WhatsApp to access the device's gallery without permission, but it does not happen in Android.

The message receiver can see this before deleting

Even if you delete the message sent immediately, it is possible that the person to whom the message is sent will see it before deleting it. This is likely to happen when the person to whom the message is sent is already open WhatsApp or is checking content on smartphone notification or desktop notification.

WhatsApp does not report successfully deleting

If you're trying to delete a message for everyone and it doesn't happen for some reason, then, unfortunately, you won't be notified by the WhatsApp. Failure to delete the message for everyone by the messaging app does not send any information, meaning you may have deleted a message but it is not possible to know that the recipient of the message saw it. 

After an hour, this is not possible

The opportunity to delete a message is up to an hour before that time was only 7 minutes but now it has been extended to one hour.


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