Cybercrime declines despite 40% increase in internet usage: FIA

Cybercrime declines despite 40% increase in internet usage: FIA

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has claimed that despite a 40 percent increase in the use of the internet, especially online shopping, due to the global coronavirus epidemic across the country.
Cybercrime, including financial crimes, has seen a decline.

Some online traders disagree with FIA's claim.

According to business people, during the lockdown, where internet usage has increased and most people are spending more time online than usual, including shopping, banking, viewing content and social networking, cybercriminals We have the opportunity to take advantage of this crisis by changing our activities.

The FIA's Cyber ​​Crimes Wing (CCW) said the decline in cyber-financial crimes across the country during the lockdown was due to "effective measures" taken by the agency.

According to the federal agency, the analysis of complaints data from CCW revealed a significant reduction in the rate of online financial crimes in the country, despite a 40 percent increase in internet usage during the lockdown.

The FIA ​​report said that 488 complaints related to cyber financial crimes were reported during the lockdown as compared to 928 before the lockdown.

The report further said that this reduction has also reduced the financial losses incurred by cyber financial crimes in the country.

In the last 53 days from March 1 to April 22, the FIA's cybercrime wing cracked down on six cybercriminals and arrested 45 foreigners and local suspects, according to the CCW.

The report further claims that the official registration of only 30 cases during this period reflects the crackdown launched by the FIA ​​to protect the public from such individuals.

From March 1 to March 22, a total of 923 complaints were registered, of which 154 were related to online banking fraud, 130 to website fraud, 497 to mobile banking fraud, and 141 to social media fraud, according to the report. ۔

The report said that the data showed a sharp decline in crime from March 23 to April 14 (during the initial period of lockdown) and a total of 488 complaints were registered out of which 89 were online banking frauds, 273 were mobile banking Fraud and 50 social media fraud.


The FIA ​​added that all of this was due to an effective way of informing the public about cybercrime so that cybercriminals could intimidate people, including business people, and deceive them. 

However, some business people who do business online disagree with FIA's claim. Farrukh Sultan, a businessman who was recently deceived by some cybercriminals, said that he was very clever and cunning and that he could not be deceived. Used modern techniques and skills.

He said that it took time for business people in Pakistan to understand cyber frauds. He said that online traders were adopting other ways to avoid fraud of these criminals in which doing business with more than one account at a time. included.


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