COVID-19 screening possible on Apple's new website

COVID-19 screening possible on Apple's new website

Thousands of new cases of the new Novel Coronavirus disease COVID-19 are now coming out every day, while millions of people are worried or worried that they may not be infected.

Many countries face shortages of test kits to confirm this virus, and therefore it is preferred to test patients whose conditions are worse.

This is why online screening websites are being implemented in many countries where people can learn about their symptoms and learn about COVID-19.

If you are suspicious of COVID-19, you can now get help from Apple's screening website, while the iOS app can be used on iPhones.

In fact, Apple's website is simple and easy to use compared to other websites.


It has a simple screening tool with safety tips that can give you a pretty solid idea of whether you need a COVID-19 test.

The user will be asked some questions on the site which will give them advice on what they should do, namely consult the authorities for the test, no need for tests, social distance or quarantine, etc.

Apple's app is currently limited to the United States, but users around the world can run it on desktops and mobile phones.

Apple says the screening tool doesn't collect company responses and collect user-identifying details.

Large technology companies are taking various steps to ensure easy access to information regarding this global epidemic.

Google introduced the Web site for the Coronavirus screening last week, which is limited to the United States.

The US-based CDC also introduced the online Assessment Chat Boat at Microsoft Health Care Boat Service.

Facebook announced on March 19 the Coronavirus information center at Newsfeed to the top.

This information center is a new feature of Facebook aimed at spreading the useful information provided by governments and medical researchers regarding the virus while minimizing the spread of misinformation.

This information center will be updated in real-time, while new information and suggestions will be provided from other official sources, including the World Health Organization.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp introduced the WhatsApp Coronavirus patch on its website to reach more people with authentic information about the Coronavirus, where people are exposed to the rapidly spreading epidemic worldwide. Access to information is ensured.

The Coronavirus information feature introduced by the WhatsApp has been presented not only with the support of global healthcare organizations but also by the messaging application to ensure accurate information is provided in this feature by several fact checker organizations. Has worked with.

But in addition to providing accurate information to millions of WhatsApp users, the World Health Organization has also introduced a Health Alert or Chatbot that provides statistics, answers to various questions and other information.

For this purpose, save the phone message to +41 79 893 1892 and send a hi message on it, opening the menu in front of you, which can be accessed through various emojis.


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