Corona virus threatens, Twitter employees directed to work from home

Corona virus threatens, Twitter employees directed to work from home

Posted on Mar 13, 2020

Given Corona's growing threat around the world, the social networking site Twitter instructed its 4,900 employees to work from home.

A Twitter member stated in a blog post that the company urged its employees to follow the directive because it is the company's responsibility to support its employees.

The post further stated that 'we think this is an extraordinary step but it is also an unusual time'.

According to the company, employees will be paid for their contracts, hours of operation and other services as they were paid at the office.

Earlier, Twitter banned work from home for staff in South Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan, while also canceling 'unnecessary' business trips.

Be aware that Twitter is not the only company that took the initiative because of the Coronavirus, several technology firms, including Amazon and Google, have instructed employees at their offices in some countries to work from home.

This month, Facebook also said in its statement that it closed its London office after confirming the Coronavirus in an employee coming from Singapore.

A Facebook statement said that 'a coroner of Singapore employee, who had recently visited the London office, confirmed the Coronavirus.

He said: 'We are closing our London office till Monday so that employees can work from their homes.

It is thought that the new Coronavirus spread from China has affected more than 100,000 people and killed 3,000 people worldwide so far.

While the disease is spreading in the world, 57,000 people have recovered from it.


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