Corona Virus: Introducing 'Chatbot' for Online Support

Corona Virus: Introducing 'Chatbot' for Online Support

Posted on Mar 17, 2020

Tania Aidrus, head of Prime Minister Imran Khan's 'Digital Pakistan' initiative, has announced that the government has introduced a 'chat bot' to address common concerns and give information on the virus in the wake of the Corona virus.

The 'chatbot' will provide information online to diagnose infections and assist in furthering emergency health measures.

In this regard, former Google executive Tania Aidrus said in a tweet, "Our team wants to find an effective way to convey information to Pakistanis".

"We have started a chatbot to address common concerns over the Corona virus, you can remove any Corona virus concerns from your nearest lab with a quick test," he said.

Tania Aidrus also requested the public to try the chatbot one more time.

It is important to note that in order to access the chatbot, the user can send a message to the Ministry of National Health page on Facebook and the user can get information related to Corona virus in Urdu and English on Chatbot.

This technology will provide information on the diagnosis, symptoms of the virus, identification of dangers, and information about the nearest laboratory for the Corona virus test.

Chatbot runs artificial intelligence that answers basic questions about the virus and if a user wants to assess whether he or she needs a corona virus test, the chatbot will ask you questions like ' You have a fever above 100? ', Do you have a cough ? have you traveled in the last 14 days? Will recommend the test on the basis of

Tania Aidrus said the government is using 'data and technology' to deal with the Coronavirus.

"We are using data analytics technology and advanced technology to deal with the Corona virus, we are trying to modernize data collection from First Line, we have some of Pakistan's best code for Pakistan engineers who volunteer," he said. 
The head of Digital Pakistan said that a national dashboard has been set up for the public to access all the data related to the Corona virus.


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