Corona Virus: Google announces Pakistan's help in various fields

Corona Virus: Google announces Pakistan's help in various fields

Posted on Apr 13, 2020

Who's not known by the name of Google, the world's largest search engine? And it has announced support for a number of sectors in the wake of the spread of the new Novel Coronavirus disease COVID 19 in Pakistan.

According to a Google statement, the ongoing struggle to overcome such a widespread crisis will be needed and we will do everything we can to help.

The statement said Pakistan's short and long-term support for the virus will be continued by the company and it will focus on three key priorities, which the company considers crucial for permanent rehabilitation.

Promote certified and reliable information sources

The company said, "It is very important that people have access to health information online that they can rely on, and thus to protect themselves against COVID 19 and to others on their own behalf." We've provided the latest updates and tips from Google Health, Google Maps, and YouTube to international health and English authorities. As well as helping to run hygiene awareness campaigns, providing travel tips to prevent misinformation circulating through apps on Google, YouTube or the Google Play Store. 

For this purpose, in the coming weeks or months, the company has introduced a special local website on COVID 19 in which it is educating, preventing and addressing the disease,

That is the best practice for preventing the virus, links to certified information released by the government of Pakistan, and useful advice from individuals, educational institutions and businesses on behalf of Google.

Support for education and training

The statement further said that some 60 million students in Pakistan could be barred from attending educational institutions due to restrictions such as exiting and gathering people in Pakistan, which has increased pressure on families, schools, and teachers.

The company has developed Google Mats and Google Classrooms to help educate students in remote locations, which are available free of charge and which can be trained and advised through Google and YouTube. In addition, the TeachFrame Home has been launched in collaboration with UNESCO, which is a center for teachers worldwide.

Contribute to business continuity and economic recovery

A Google website Grow with Google has been introduced where Pakistanis can benefit from free training, tools, and events and increase their skills, careers, and business.

In addition to working at home, the website has a section called Remote Working that helps people to work, educate and learn from anywhere.

"We recently announced assistance of US $ 80 for small businesses around the world, including grants to help finance, access credit and cover costs against viruses," the statement said. Are. At the same time, we've provided an app called Google Primer to educate social media through our programs so that small businesses can continue to train in digital skills and help their staff work in remote areas. Make it worthwhile. '

Feel your responsibility

The statement said that COVID 19 has imposed enormous responsibility on all of us and we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility at a time when no precedent is found, namely access to reliable information, remote. Learning support, small business support and more -

"These initiatives we are announcing today are just the beginning," the statement said. We are standing with Pakistan to do all this so that we can help overcome COVID 19 and build a stronger future ”.


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