Chrome users will now be able to control media with one button

Chrome users will now be able to control media with one button

Posted on Dec 23, 2019

While browsing the web, most people simply forget which tabs the video or song is playing on.

And if multiple tabs are open it can be difficult to pause video or audio right away, but now Google Chrome has fixed this issue.

Yes, fortunately, Google has now fixed this issue and a new button is being added in Chrome with an update that will make it possible to play or pause the media files running in the browser.

By clicking this button you can see how many tabs the media files have in the browser and from there they can be clicked on the play, pause and skip buttons.

This button will be equal to 3 lines of the URL address bar and a music sign which when clicked, all media files will appear in the drop-down boxes.

There will also be preview videos of YouTube videos that will make it easy for you to pause or play them.

If you do not want to control any audio or video, click the X button in the upper right of the box, it will disappear until you reload this tab.

This new feature is similar to the Play controls in the Android notification shade.

This feature was first introduced on a trial basis in July and the button test began in September.

But now it has become a regular part of Chrome version 79 and may not be available to everyone, but you can still use it.

First of all, if you update to the latest version of Chrome on the desktop, it is most likely already updated but place the mouse on the Help option by clicking on the three-dot menu at the top right of the browser. And then select Google Chrome.

There, Google Chrome's version number will appear in writing or update, followed by the browser launch.

Then chrome: // flags / search on the browser address bar.

The Search Flags box will open where Google Media Controls searches.

To enable it by clicking on the drop-down box to the right, now click on Relaunch Now.

You will see a play button beside the address bar that allows audio to be started or stopped.

To try it out, open any YouTube or play any song or video and then click on the play button, the video will appear in front of you in a box with pose, rewind and forward options.

This way you can play or pause a video without having to open the YouTube tab, but you can resume the video when the autoplay is open.

Mian Tajamul

Blog Author

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