Chinese company Timesaco ready to introduce transport service in Karachi

Chinese company Timesaco ready to introduce transport service in Karachi

KARACHI: With the financing of provincial and federal governments in the country's largest city, the future of transportation projects looks uncertain, with international investors having their own businesses to meet the widening demand and supply gap in the aforementioned sector is an important opportunity to spread the word.

To bridge this gap, a major Chinese technology company is ready to launch a large-scale operation in Karachi.
Government and market sources said the Chinese company is about to launch a delivery and ride-hailing cab (ie ride) service in Karachi and plans to invest $ 60 million in the country.

Sources said that after taking the first step in Islamabad, Chinese company Timesaco is now ready to expand its Tatu Mobility operation in Karachi and will be introducing 2 services early this month, across the country. It will be joined by several ride-hailing services from half a dozen technology companies.
However, the company claims that its services will differ from existing operators on the frontier front.
In this regard, the founder and CEO of the company, Donald Lee said, "Tatu Mobility has already introduced its online cab service in Islamabad and Rawalpindi under the name of Timesaco".

"Tatu Mobility is also launching its operation in other cities and Tatu Mobility will begin digitization of the online cab service and existing transportation network in Pakistan," he said.

"We are ready to introduce our service in Karachi this month," he said.

Donald Lee said the company intends to introduce its online cab service and digitization of its existing transport network in the first phase, followed by the company's introduction of commute and delivery services later this year. There is also a plan.

When asked what opportunities the city is providing and how a new operator can live in an environment where competition is growing and many existing companies are in the race for success, Mentioned the offers the Chinese company intends to give to its business partners and will be different from others.
Donald Lee states that Tatu Mobility offers drivers or captains of their online cab service 97 percent of the revenue they earn (while other companies are offering 70 to 75 percent').
"We are facing competition but our focus is not just on profit, Tatu Mobility wants to restructure and digitize the existing transport system," he said.
At the same time, he said that initially Tatu Mobility plans to invest $ 60 million in Pakistan and investment will be increased over time, given the market.
The keen interest was shown by the private sector and large business companies prove that there are many opportunities when it comes to transport services in Karachi.
However, experts believe that there is a gap in the sector that can be found by the public sector transport service, in addition to providing services to private businesses.



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