China's radio telescope ready to search for space creatures

China's radio telescope ready to search for space creatures

Is there life outside the world and can aliens be found? These are the key questions to which the world's largest radio telescope in China will begin work in September.

Construction of the world's largest radio telescope was completed in 2016, but it officially began work on general scientific matters in January.

The Chinese media site Science and Technology Daily said the Chinese radio telescope, Named FAST, would begin searching for space signals from September.

For this purpose, upgrades are being made in the telescope which will reduce the possibility of interference while assisting in the search.

The telescope was built south of Guangzhou province at a cost of $180 million and took five years, with a diameter of 500 meters, surpassing the former world's largest telescope in Puerto Rico.

As mentioned above, its diameter is 500 meters, but so far only 300 meters diameter work has been done.


Chinese scientists say the search for space creatures will not affect normal scientific missions, but no significant progress is likely in the near future.

Scientists say that although some interesting space signals have been observed, they think they were sent by an intelligent creature.

"The real purpose of this telescope is to discover the laws of the formation of the universe," said Kian Lee, an associate researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, at the telescope's introductory ceremony in 2016.

It should be noted that China has stepped up research on space missions in recent years and after sending a mission to the dark side of the moon, it is also sending a mission to Mars in July this year.


China's radio telescope

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