Charlie D’amelo is the Most Famous TikToker With 100 Million Followers

Charlie D’amelo is the Most Famous TikToker With 100 Million Followers

Posted on Nov 23, 2020

TikTok is the most popular social media application among young people around the world and now, for the first time, a user has gained the honor of 100 million followers. Charlie D’amelo from the United States has won the award and the two closest to him have only 50 million followers.

16-year-old Charlie is literally ruling TikTok because his followers are twice as many as Will Smith, three times as many as The Rock, four times as many as Selena Gomez, and five times as many as Kylie Jenner. Charlie D’amelo has gained 100 million followers in a record time, a channel on YouTube that took 14 years to gain 100 million subscribers.

In contrast, TikTok (in its current form) became available to the public in 2018, while Charlie D’amelo launched TikTok Posts in May 2019 and has become the most popular user of the app for over a year and a half ago. In November last year, Charlie D’amelo had only 6 million followers, and in one year he has grown rapidly.

Interestingly, Charlie D’amelo won the award at a time when she was moving on, leaving TikTok behind. In recent months, he has launched his own podcast, reached more people on YouTube, gained millions of followers on Instagram, and signed a book deal. The main reason for this is that the creators in TikTok do not earn much income, they have only 2 options, record an advertisement, or leave the app and prefer other opportunities.

Charlie D’amelo's team has also worked very fast and has worked not only for TikToker but for the whole family. Charlie's sister's first single was released in June of this year and has been viewed more than 90 million times on YouTube so far. His parents also started building audiences and have their own tic-tac-toe, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, featuring the D'Amilo family accounts.

Forbes reported in August that Charlie had made 4 million dollars from various contracts last year, a figure that could be multiplied.


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