Changes to YouTube’s Terms of Service 23-May-2021

Changes to YouTube’s Terms of Service 23-May-2021

Posted on May 23, 2021

Youtube has changed some terms of services on 23 may 2021. these terms and services were effected on Nov 2020 in US but now its applied all over the World.

Youtube has changed 3 points of terms of services.

1.Face Recognition Restrictions:

You can't collect any information that could identify a person without their permission, according to the Terms of Service. While facial recognition data has always been included, the new Terms make that explicit. Its like GDPR for Video sites.

2. YouTube’s right to monetize

All content on YouTube can be monetized, and ads may appear on videos from channels that aren't part of the YouTube Partner Program.

3. Royalty payments and tax withholding:

From an impacts on business, revenue payments to creators will be treated as royalties in the United States, and Google will withhold taxes as required by law.

youtube terms of services may 2021


Please read the Terms carefully after they have been updated. For users outside the United States, the new Terms will take effect on June 1, 2021. You agree to the new Terms if you continue to use YouTube after this date. Please keep in mind that if you allow your child to use YouTube Kids, you are agreeing to the new Terms on their behalf.


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