Best Mobile Phone Companies Of 2019

Best Mobile Phone Companies Of 2019

Posted on Feb 3, 2020

History Of Mobiles

Mobile phone inventions were a huge change for the entire world. Firstly when the peoples used computers they want more and someone also describes the pocket computers. He was given the idea and people capture this and invent a mobile phone. The first mobile was very simple where people can dial the number in just their regions or areas using a sim but for the sake of time inventors think about that and describe the new thing WI-FI and then peoples are connected with each other very easily using their internet connection. People easily connect to other persons using apps nowadays. All things are converted into mobiles now. 

Top Mobile Phone Companies 2019 

They all were declared the best option of 2019 


Samsung note 10 was a big invention in technology in 2019. Samsung proves that they are the no 1 android mobile company in this world. Shows the new features in Note 10. Note 10 has a multitasking mobile.
Samsung also launches galaxy S10 in 2019 which was very reliable and very easy to use. Samsung has started its smartphones with Galaxy Series which were very good and people attract and purchase galaxy phones. Samsung work on its Galaxy Series to Fight Apple. Samsung is nowadays are one of the biggest ships in this world to maintain its phones and give ideas to its competitors. Samsung is one of the biggest companies that launched android after the launch of the android Nokia mobile is dead and peoples are converted into android mobiles.
Samsung Galaxy series is the finest series in this world. S10 has many features like a camcorder Voice recorder video recorder. It has a dual sim. Memory card Slot on it. It has multitasking. Its camera result is very fine. It has a quad-core processor. It has Bluetooth options also.   


APPLE launch there iPhone X in 2019 with very high demands of its users. They establish their IOS with many good items. iPhone X was the top list seller mobile all over the world. iPhone X was a little bit tough to purchase but the one thing is good that apple prepares it very quietly and sufficiently. iPhone launches its first phone which name is ROKR E1. Peoples love this phone for their features. After that iPhone launches a very cool and useful mobile every year. iPhone launch IPHONE 11 and IPHONE 11 pro last year which are very creative very useful. iPhone enters a DSLR camera on it. My advice you to purchase iPhone 11 it will be very friendly. It has # cameras on the back and 2 cameras on the front. It has a small screen size and ULTRA HD support colors. It has a 3800 HZ battery. It has a DSLR camera Result. It has a very fast processor.


Huawei Was a good manufacturing mobile company which target the apple every time. They are real chaser. They are hard workers. Huawei launched their first mobile across the world in 2013 but the phone capacity and standability were too low but for the sake of time they work on their enemies make a new mobile and then launched on the market and that was extremely adorable. Last year Huawei launch many mobiles like Huawei y7 y9 y7prime y9 prime and many others. My opinion is to you that if you want to purchase Huawei then go to the y series because Huawei works and makes their name with Y series. Y series is very amazing to use. Y9 prime 2019 is the very best option to purchase because it has dual sim. Memory card slot. 3g 4g banded. Dual Camera. A very good processor. Blur camera options also feed in it and many other options feed in it. Y9 prime 2019 was given very advantageously to the company. It has 128 GB ROM 6GB ram. Y19 is a very good option to purchase and use. 


Google pixel was a good opportunity for the user. Google pixels was a good mobile in 2019. Google pixels enter the mobile world in 2018 and a very short time they make their name in the market for their quality. Last year google pixels launch google pixel 3 XL which is the very best option to purchase. Google Pixels 3 XL has 4 GB ram And 128 GB ROM. Google pixels look like IPHONE 11 pro. Google pixel has a snapdragon version in it. Google pixels 3 XL has a good graphic card. Games are very easy to install and play in it. Its processor is very fast. So my advice is that if you want to purchase a mobile then google pixels 3 XL is a very good option to purchase.


OPPO launched their mobile cameras and make a name with a little passage of time. They target their competitors with cameras. Peoples demand a Selfie cam or other things OPPO was pick up the point of persons and then make a demandable mobile and launch it in 2014.
OPPO launched OPPO A3S in late 2019 with different colors like red white navy blue and red. OPPO Launches different mobile sets in every year OPPO launch A3s A5s F11 and many others. OPPO Mobile is very handsome just because of its camera. OPPO 


One plus was the top list mobile of 2019 because of its functions its qualities and other things. One plus company gives to its user-friendly themes. One plus is a very secure and reasonable mobile in All over the world. One plus launch 7T last year just at rupees 899$. It is a little bit tough to purchase but when you see it functionalities you definitely want to purchase it. First of All it has 12 GB ROM and 256 GB ram installed in it. And then it has also # cameras on its back. Its processor is very fast than others. It has a very good graphic card installed on it. You can install many things which you want like 3d movies games and etc. Its internal memory is very high. So it is very useful for your daily work and long term mobile in your pocket.


Lenovo is the best company in the world which they are launching many mobiles on every year. Last year Lenovo launch k900 which is a very demandable and useable mobile across the world. People demanding Lenovo. Lenovo makes its name on the very short passage of time. Lenovo k900 has 2 GB Ram and 16 GB ROM installed in it. The display size is very good like 5.5 inches. Its battery timing is very high like 1 to 2 days. It has 13 MP back cam and 2 MP front cam installed on it. 


Redmi is the very best mobile companies in the world where the peoples demand IPHONE or SAMSUNG Redmi enter the mobile market and show there mobile to the peoples and get reviews from peoples and make their name on the mobile world. Redmi launch note 8 with a full high-resolution graphic card. Redmi note 8 has # cameras on its back which give us a good photography result. It has a 48 MP camera on its back. Redmi Note 8 has a dual sim. A memory card slot also installed on it. It has a 4000 MAH battery. IT has a very good processor to run high applications. It has a 3g 4g band. It has 6 GB ram And 32/64/128 GB ROM. It was the best option in 2019 to purchase and Use. 


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