Are You Familiar With all the WhatsApp Features?

Are You Familiar With all the WhatsApp Features?

Posted on Dec 9, 2019

Are you familiar with all the WhatsApp features? If your answer is yes, then there is a strong possibility that you may not be aware of a feature hidden by the company itself.

Yes, WhatsApp's secret feature that lets you know how many times you have sent text messages, animated images, stickers, videos and other things to a friend or group or any contact.

So would you like to know how much time you have spent chatting with a friend?

If yes, first open the WhatsApp and click on Settings.

The iPhone app has the Settings option in the tab at the bottom, while Android users can click on the three-dot menu in the upper right.

After opening the settings, go to the Data & Storage Use Edge option and click on the Storage Use Edge there.

There you will find a page containing a contact list with the volume of the file underneath each name.

The largest file or most contact content will be at the top because you have sent the most text, photos, and other media files, including videos.

But there may be a group that appears at the top where you don't post too much but other people's files are bigger.

Clicking on any of the names there will display text messages, photos, stickers, GIFs, videos, audio messages, locations, contents (if shared) and the number of documents and file volume.

This will give you a sense of how much time you spend with your friends and family on the WhatsApp.

It is not known when this new feature was introduced in the WhatsApp but it is also useful for storage management while watching them you can delete the chat which is using a lot of phone storage.

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