Apple will be introducing 4 iPhones for the first time in 2020

Apple will be introducing 4 iPhones for the first time in 2020

Posted on Dec 18, 2019

Apple will be introducing 4 iPhones for the first time in 2020.

This claim surfaced in a JPMorgan report recently.

According to JP Morgan analysts Apple will introduce four new iPhones 12 in the second half of 2020, one of 5.4 inches, the other 6.7 inches and the other two will be 6.1 inches display.

The report says the larger iPhone is likely to have sensor shift technology that will help take better quality photos and videos.

Apple's forecasted forensic analyst Ming Chi-Qi had said something similar, but he also claimed to have introduced the iPhone SE 2 in the first half, so in 2020 5 new iPhones are likely to be introduced for the first time.

For the first time, the company will also offer fiveG support in one or two of all models of the iPhone 12, while the world-facing 3D sensing camera is likely to be installed in the setup of three cameras on the back.

Standard iPhone 12 models will have dual-camera setup and foggy support will be retained instead of five.

On the other hand, new reports have surfaced that Apple's ultrasonic fingerprint scanner will be used by at least one new iPhone next year.

These ultra-sonic fingerprint scanners are used in Samsung's Galaxy S10 and Note 10, and thus the fingerprint sensor is installed inside the screen.

But for Apple, this is a surprise because it removed the fingerprint sensor from its phones and is now considering bringing back the Touch ID feature.

If this technology is used on newer iPhones than Samsung, the 3D Sonic Max is likely to be tested with a larger sensor than the Galaxy S10 and with 2 fingers instead of one to identify the user. Have to use

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