Apple CEO harassed by an Indian man

Apple CEO harassed by an Indian man

Posted on Feb 24, 2020

Apple is one of the few companies in the world, but its top executives were so upset and harassed by an Indian citizen that the company had to get a court order to stop it.

According to reports, a man named Rakesh 'Rocky' Sharma phoned Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives and sent 'annoying' voicemails.

According to court documents, the man's behaviour increased sharply when he entered the Tim Cook property in Palo Alto, California, unlawfully and tried to give flowers and liquor.

The man allegedly entered the door unannounced, and for the second time in January, entered the property again and started ringing.

Local police could not arrest Rakesh Sharma as he had gone there before his arrival.

The man allegedly made violent threats to Apple officials and said 'I will not use ammunition, but I know what people can do'.

Apple has not yet issued a statement in this regard, but the court has issued a request at the company's request to stay away from the company's headquarters, Tim Cook, his property and other Apple employees.

These orders will remain in effect until March 3 and the case will be heard on the same day.

The man is 41 years old and his activities began on September 25, 219 when he sent a voicemail to an Apple official, according to a CAT report.

A week later, he made another threatening call and then the intensity increased


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