Advised to Huawei users not to sideload Google Apps

Advised to Huawei users not to sideload Google Apps

Posted on Feb 24, 2020

For the first time, the US company has explained the loss of Google apps and services as a result of US sanctions imposed on Huawei.

It may be recalled that on May 16 last year, the US government barred Huawei from working with a Chinese company by blacklisting it.

Now on Friday, an article from Google has been published on the Support Page explaining the situation in Huawei.

The company's legal director for Google Play and Android, Tristen Ostrowski, wrote in the article: 'Google has to work with Huawei's new devices or preload or download Google Apps including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Play Store and others has been barred from. '

According to Google, this situation is very confusing and it is difficult for people to understand which products are prohibited from using Google services.

According to the article "We continue to get a number of questions regarding new Huawei phones, for example about new models that have just been introduced or models that appeared after May 16, 2019, but are now available in different parts of the world. Asked whether the use of Google apps and services is restricted to these devices, we want to provide clear guidance on these questions.

Google Director wrote "Our focus is on protecting Google users of millions of Huawei devices, we are continuing to work with Huawei under government regulations and providing updates and security updates to Google Apps and services on existing devices. Yes, that will continue as long as we have permission. '

Google made it clear that updates to the Huawei phones introduced on or before May 16 are likely to continue, but the phones that are introduced are then certified (unverified) and Google will introduce them. Unable to provide security updates or Google Play Protocol software preload.

Google warns users using new Huawei phones that they should not attempt to load sideways in Gmail, YouTube, Play Store or other Google software in these certified devices as the company cannot guarantee that they will be genuine or Malware.

As stated in the article 'Sideload Google Apps do not work reliably because we do not allow these services to run on these certified devices as security could be impaired, Sideloading of Google Apps increases the risk of installing such app. Which can harm the security of the user in different ways'.

Google avoided discussing the political aspects of Huawei sanctions and advised people to avoid access to the company's popular services on the backdoor route.


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