A unique smartphone that refuses to take nude photos

A unique smartphone that refuses to take nude photos

Posted on Feb 24, 2020

Increasing use of smartphones has also led to the tendency to view and send Porn content to these devices worldwide.

However, now a new smartphone has been introduced that aims to prevent young people from doing so.

Japanese company Tone has developed a smartphone called E20, which blocks the use of Artificial Intelligence technology to capture nude selfies.

This technology catches potential pornographic images and blocks them and also sends pixelated images to parents when their children try to take nude selfies.

This phone is designed with young people in mind which features safety features for parents.

The company says its camera app uses the same technology that social media companies use to capture full images.

It has a 6.26-inch display, an Android 9 operating system and a set of 3 back cameras.

Similarly, 64GB of storage, fingerprint scanner, 3900mAh battery and 2 GHz octa-core processor have been provided.

The company said it aims to prevent children and young people from taking nude photos as it can pose a threat to them going forward.

This phone has safety features that can help parents protect their children.

This technology also monitors apps, websites and the environment around the real world and alerts parents when a child's behaviour changes.

This phone is currently only available in Japan and is priced at $ 180.


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