A new change to TikTok for under 16 users

A new change to TikTok for under 16 users

Posted on Apr 17, 2020

Tik Tok, the fast-growing video-sharing app in the world, has banned users under 16 from sending direct messages to each other.

According to the Independent report, the app will be rolling out new security measures from April 30, which will prevent children from sending messages directly to each other.

The app's Safety Head Ceramic Canon cited that previously users in this app could not receive messages from people who were not on their friend list,  But now a step further, this ban is also being imposed on consumers

"We promised to ensure the safety of consumers at TikTok and that is why this new ban was introduced," he said.

He added that by the way, the feature of sending direct messages is very appealing to the users as they use it to make new friends on the app, no matter from any corner of the globe. However, this feature can also be misused due to which it is being banned.

Andy Bureau, head of online child safety company NSPCC, also praised Tik Tok for the move, saying the decision was taken in the Tik Tok app as there have been several cases where older people have arrived. people send wrong messages directly to children on this app.


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