A bug in Google Photos, transferring videos of users to strangers

A bug in Google Photos, transferring videos of users to strangers

Posted on Feb 5, 2020

The bad news is if you save your photos and videos in Google Photos.

Google has acknowledged that it has accidentally transferred videos of its archives to other users.

Nine to Five Google reports that users have been warned by the company for a 'technical issue' in Google Takeout (an app that helps download a backup of data contained in other Google software). As a result, the videos stored in Google Photos were moved to other people's archives.

According to Google, this problem was encountered by users who exported data photos with the help of TechOut from 21 to 25 November 2019 and now the issue has been overcome.

Details of this bug are still unclear and the notice sent to the affected users' states 'one or more videos in your Google Photos account may be affected by this issue'.

The company is asking users to delete downloadable archives from November 21 to 25, while it is also suggested that download archives be incomplete or contain content from other people during this period.

Google says only 0.01% of users are affected by this problem, though the figures may vary.

A Google spokesperson told Nine to Five Google that we had informed the victims who exported content from Google Takeout from November 21-25.

The spokesman said: "We have addressed this issue and are now going in-depth analysis to prevent it in the future. We apologize to consumers if this happens."


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