A Big Change in Google, the Most Popular Search Engine

A Big Change in Google, the Most Popular Search Engine

Google said in 2018 that the presence of dark mode in the operating system and apps helps to extend the battery life of a device.

A dark mode is an option that changes the color scheme of an operating system or app from black or dark. On this occasion, Google gave an example that using YouTube with a dark theme uses 43% less battery power than normal mode because in normal mode the screen uses a lot of white and the battery consumes faster.

But surprisingly, Google did not introduce this feature in its most used search engine. Now, 2 years later, Dark Mode is being introduced in Google's desktop search badge. According to Nine to Five Google, the company is testing a dark theme on the desktop search page, in which the background will be white instead of dark gray, while the colorful Google logo will also be white.

This feature is similar to the dark mode version of Google Search's mobile app, which has been available to users since May 2020. The report states that this feature is available to a limited number of users on the desktop and according to one user, the theme automatically turned on and the white theme returned shortly after.

Google has not yet issued a statement in this regard and it is not yet clear when it will be introduced to all users. Keep in mind that using dark mode also helps to protect your eyes from the negative effects of light emitted from smartphones and laptops.


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