PewdiePie, has Decided to Distance Itself from Youtube

PewdiePie, has Decided to Distance Itself from Youtube

Posted on Dec 17, 2019

The world's most popular YouTuber, PewdiePie, has decided to distance itself from Google's video-sharing site.

Sweden-based PewdiePie announced in a video that he has decided to stay away from YouTube next year.

PewdiePie, renowned as YouTube's largest carrier, says they are feeling tired and taking a break from YouTube next year.

"I'm taking a break from YouTube next year, I want to tell you in advance so that you can make up your mind, I'm tired, and I'm feeling very tired," he said.

PewdiePie said they would elaborate more on that later, but they want their fans to know about it.

His channel has more than 100 million subscribers on YouTube, and he has been on this platform at least 2 times over the course of 9 years.

In November 2019, he uploaded an emotional video to YouTube that said he was feeling depressed and that his stress was starting to affect those around him, so he was eliminating his daily vlogs. ۔

Now they have announced this in a new video in which they criticize the new Google platform for harassment and even change their rules of YouTube as a way to distance themselves.

YouTube recently announced that harassment incidents are affecting our community and people are refusing to share their thoughts and connect with each other, but the company is committed to keeping the platform open and References will be taken.

This year, the pew pie die was left behind by the T-Series and named after YouTube's NoonChannel, whose subscribers now exceed 12 million.

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