26 million Facebook users' Data have been leaked online

26 million Facebook users' Data have been leaked online

Posted on Dec 23, 2019

More than 26 million Facebook users' IDs, phone numbers and names have been leaked online.

This information was discovered on a database that can be accessed without a password or authentication process, according to reports by online security company Comparitech and security researcher Bob DiSicano.

All of this data appears to be the result of an illegal operation or misuse of the Facebook API, the report said.

Bob DiCasino said he had reported the database, which was open to everyone for 2 weeks, during which the data was also downloaded to a hacker forum.

The report states that too much personal data is currently circulating on the Internet which can be used for various illegal activities.

On the other hand, a Facebook spokesperson said that we were looking at this problem but we believe that this is information that was left out before changes to our system to protect consumers.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that data from millions of Facebook users have surfaced online.

In September this year, a security researcher discovered the details of more than 41 million Facebook accounts in another database.

A year ago, a hacker released private details of 20 million users, while a third-party error resulted in the record of 54 million Facebook users on the Internet.

Earlier this year, Facebook employees had access to the passwords of 60 million users

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