HUM TV Drama Phaans - Review, Cast, Story, and Timing

HUM TV Drama Phaans - Review, Cast, Story, and Timing

Phaans Drama Cast

Main Role:

Side Role:

  • Yashma Gill
  • Ali Tahir
  • Arjumand Rahim
  • Zain Afzal, and others.

Produced by MD Production Momina Duraid

Directed by Ahmad Kamran

Written by Samina Ejaz

Actor role details

Zara Noor Abbas plays a lead role in this drama Phaans. She did many successful projects in the past like Dewar e Shab, Qaid, Ehad e Wafa and Khamoshi. In addition to this, the second actor is Shehzad Shaikh who plays a very different and unique role this time and the audience will enjoy his role. He is a very famous tv actor who works on many projects like Anaa, Raaz e Ulfat, Qurban, and Tabeera. The third lead actor is Sami khan who plays a mysterious role in it. He is one of the best male actors in the industry. And the side roles are yet to be revealed, for now, we have to wait to see who they are and what they bring to the story.

This HUM TV Drama Phaans is directed by Ahmad Kamran who presented all the characters and made the drama worth watching. This drama is produced by MD Production and Momina Duraid and written by Samina Ejaz.


HUM TV drama will start in January 2021. Its on-air time and day are not announced yet.

Phaans Drama Story:

The story of Phaans Drama is based on a social issue and based on a real-life problem that is gracefully present by a brilliant actor and actresses. This story revolves around Zara Noor Abbas, Sami khan, and Shahzad shaikh. Shahzad Shaikh Plays a very different and unique role this time, as he plays the role of the mentally challenged person who is somehow quite interested in the female lead and sees her as his bride.

Zara Noor Abbas is a friend of Shahzad Sheikh and she gracefully did his work. She has a soft corner for the Shahzad shaikh and she showed affection towards him. In addition to this, Shahzad Shaikh proposes to her and asks her whether she will be his wife. The storyline is clean and yet thrilling at the same time. There is another teaser release in which Zara Noor Abbas is crying in the rain and Sami khan reaches out to her by offering his hand to hold but she runs quickly. This drama has a different story than the other typical love stories.

People review:

The teaser of this drama does not reveal much, yet it will be interesting to watch the rest of its story. Its teaser has already gathered much attention and we are hoping it will surely become one of the best drama series of 2021. People show love and amusement toward it and it's teaser trending. People think that it's a different story makes it unique and worth watching.


Phaans Drama will be soon on-aired on HUM TV digital which already gathered the attention of the audience after its first teaser. The lead role and side role cast are very talented and strong that done great effort on this project.

Phaans Drama Teaser


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