Amber Heard Torture Case Hearings Complete, Verdict to Be Announced in a Few Months

Amber Heard Torture Case Hearings Complete, Verdict to Be Announced in a Few Months

The civil lawsuit filed by 57-year-old Hollywood actor Johnny Depp against the British newspaper 'Sun' has been completed. The case was filed by Johnny Depp against a British newspaper in April 2018. The formal hearing in the case began on July 7, and Johnny Depp initially recorded his statements.

Johnny Depp recorded his statements until July 14, during which he denied all allegations of violence against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. In his statement, Johnny Depp claimed that he had not abused his ex-wife in any way, while his lawyers told the court that the actor had never abused any woman in his life. Johnny Depp claimed in court that his ex-wife, Amber Heard, had been torturing him and that he had once broken her fingers.

Johnny Depp's lawyers also accused Amber Heard of having illicit sexual relations with Elon Musk and Hollywood actor James Franco after their marriage. After Johnny Depp, from July 20 to July 26, Amber Heard recorded her statements and claimed that Johnny Depp tortured her 14 times on different occasions from 2013 to 2016.

Amber Heard also confessed to beating her ex-husband once in court. The actress had told the court that Johnny Depp's attitude had changed shortly after the marriage and he was torturing her so much that she thought she was going to die. Amber Heard had alleged that Johnny Depp had been threatening to gang-rape other men.

The actress had denied the allegations made by her ex-husband's lawyers, saying that she had never had an affair with Elon Musk and actor James Franco. The actress's lawyers had called Johnny Depp an animal abuser. In the same case, on July 27 and 28, Johnny Depp, lawyers for the British newspaper The Sun, and Amber Heard's lawyers gave final arguments.

According to the British broadcaster Sky News, during the final arguments, Johnny Depp's lawyers claimed that Amber Heard misled the court and changed the history of self-torture. According to Johnny Depp's lawyers, the actress has told other dates of violence in the past and she told other dates in court.


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