Why Bangladesh Player Mushfiqur Rahim Refused to come Pakistan

Why Bangladesh Player Mushfiqur Rahim Refused to come Pakistan

According to Bangladeshi media, at least three senior cricketers have met with the President of the board, Poet Hussain and have sought to know their wishes in this regard. According to sources, some players have signed a decree issued by the board government expressing their consent in this regard.
It is likely that the majority of the players will be considered for the tour of Pakistan, but the participation of wicketkeeper-batsman Mushfiqur Rahim is being questioned. It has been reported with reference to the board's chief executive Nizamuddin Chaudhry that we are sharing Pakistan's security and other information with the players and they are being briefed, but nothing can be finalized at this time.
The report stated that Mushfiq had explicitly told the board that if the series was played in Pakistan, he would not participate. According to a media report, the final decision regarding the visit to Pakistan is expected at a January 12 board meeting. The team's departure is expected on January 18 if the decision is positive.

Remember that Bangladesh has to play 3 T20s and two Test matches while visiting Pakistan in January, February. The Bangladesh Cricket Board has been in a position to play the first T20 series and talk about Test matches later.



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