We did not find support like Pakistan, Sri Lankan captain

We did not find support like Pakistan, Sri Lankan captain

Sri Lankan team captain Dameth Kronartney thanked Pakistani fans for supporting both teams in the first Test match against Pakistan, saying that we have not received such support in any other country of the world as Pakistan.

The first Test match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka led to the return of international cricket in the country, but due to rain, the match could not be completed and the match ended on a draw.

Speaking after the match, Sri Lankan team captain Smith Kronartney expressed satisfaction over his team's performance and said that we came to Pakistan two days before the match and the players did very well.

"It was raining for two days but we had two positive aspects in the match, the innings of Dhananjia de Silva and Oshada was very good while the two fast bowlers also bowled well on this wicket."

In response to a question, he said that Kasan Rajitha fell prey to injury and that is why he managed only 6 overs.

He hoped that the second Test match in Karachi would improve the season and give us a chance to play cricket for the entire five days.

The Sri Lankan captain thanked all the Pakistani fans and said, "We have a lot of support from the fans and we do not get that kind of support in other countries."

He said that we also went out last evening and the attitude of the people was very good there, we love the Pakistani fans and hope we get good support from the fans there too.

Pakistan captain Azhar Ali congratulated Azhar Ali for setting a century and world record, saying that all the players tried to present good game and especially Babar and Abid showed excellent batting.

The captain of the Pakistani team said that the bowlers showed their abilities well but they have to work harder because the teams need to not only make good balls but also have to play good games throughout the season.

Azhar did not seem satisfied with his performance and said that I was very confident and the good thing is that I was able to spend some time on the wicket, trying to play big innings in the next match.

He thanked the fans for coming in large numbers on the last day of the match, saying that everyone knew that the match was not going to end but they still came to the stadium to support us and we as the bowlers and the batsmen last. For 9-10 years they were completely deprived of such support.


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