Umar Akmal fears ban over new scandal

Umar Akmal fears ban over new scandal

National team batsman Umar Akmal has become part of a new controversy and fears of a long-term ban on misconduct by staff during a fitness test at the National Cricket Academy.

Umar Akmal has been the subject of media scandal many times due to scandals and now once again he has fallen victim to the new scandal but this time due to bad behaviour Umar Akmal's career has also been at stake.

As the incident happened, Umar Akmal and his brother were summoned to the National Cricket Academy for a fitness test where they reportedly misbehaved with the staff.

According to reports, Umar Akmal was out of control during the test and misbehaved with the staff, after which he is expected to be banned from attending the next domestic tournament.

Kamran Akmal, elder brother of Umar Akmal who has been wanting to make a place in the national team for a while, may also be in trouble as both brothers have failed miserably in the fitness test.

Not only the two brothers but also former captain Salman Butt convicted in the spot-fixing scandal can be blamed for violating PCB code of conduct.

Salman Butt requested to take a fitness test on a date due to his engagement, but when the request was rejected by PCB officials, he angrily left the academy and is expected to take action against him.

The problems of poor fitness and discipline have been debated for a long time over the performance of Akmal Brothers, especially Umar Akmal, and he is often the subject of media scandal in the context of negative causes.

Umar Akmal had shown excellent fitness at the National Cricket Academy last time before the Champions Trophy but he failed to achieve the minimum required standards during the Champions Trophy and after successive failures in the fitness test he was preceded by the start of the event. He was sent back to Pakistan.

Kamran Akmal has been playing well for a while, but he has not been part of the team since 2017 due to his poor fitness, especially in the field.

Pakistan Cricket Board is now focusing exclusively on fitness and head coach and chief selector of the national team Misbah-ul-Haq wants to maintain the same quality at the domestic level, which is why all the provincial teams have their own fitness every quarter. An updated test report must be submitted.

According to Cricinfo, Umar Akmal was furious when he got a lower number than required during a fitness test and took off his shirt in front of the trainer and asked him 'where is the fat'.

However, Umar Akmal's elder brother Kamran Akmal has termed the matter as a gross misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Cricket Board says they are fully aware of the matter and are thinking of possible punishment for maintaining the credibility of the game. ۔

Kamran Akmal, on the other hand, did not pass the fitness test twice and failed miserably in all areas of the fitness test given the third time.

The squad of Central Punjab was called in different parts and Kamran Akmal was to come for the fitness test on January 11 but he could not take the test because of Zalmi's photoshoot.

Then on January 20, he apologized for the fitness test due to illness and fever, and on January 28 agreed to take the test with his brother, but eventually, both brothers failed to show the required fitness.

Defending not for the fitness test, Kamran Akmal said that I had told the administration that I could not come, for some reason I appeared for the test on January 28 and as far as the test results are concerned. You will see a clear improvement in the next Test after the Pakistan Super League.


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