Third Test: England's position against South Africa stable

Third Test: England's position against South Africa stable

Posted on Jan 20, 2020

Third Test: England's position against South Africa stable
England, in the second innings of the third Test of the series, showed good bowling and strengthened their position against South Africa, while the hosts face a challenge to avoid an innings defeat.

South Africa scored 208 runs in the first innings and 6 players were out in the third innings of the third Test being played at Port Elizabeth, but the other batsmen failed to resist and the whole team managed just one run.
England young bowler Dambisa took the top 5 wickets, Stuart Broad also took 3 wickets.
Following on in the first innings, the South African team failed to complete the second innings as the first two wickets fell at 22 runs and the third wicket fell at 44 when Milan was dismissed.
Peter Milan 12, Dan Elgar 15 and Zubair Hamza returned the pavilion with only 2 runs.

England captain Jarrett showed great bowling in the second innings and took four wickets for South Africa at the end of the fourth day, with captains such as captain Faf Du Plessis, Dawson and Quentin de Kock included.
Vernon Philander scored 13 runs after being dismissed by the veteran batsmen and Maharaj did not allow any more wickets to fall by the end of the day.

The South African captain was the highest run-scorer with 36 runs.
When the fourth day ended in Port Elizabeth, South Africa needed an extra 188 runs to avoid the loss of the innings and they only had 4 wickets left.

In the second innings, England captain Jarrett took 4 and Wood took 2 wickets while South Africa's 4 batsmen would resume incomplete innings.
South Africa, in the first Test of the series, were defeated by England by 107 runs and England won the second match by 189 runs.

The decisive match of the Test series between England and South Africa is expected on the last day, where South Africa's position is rife, with England needing just 4 wickets to make the series their name.


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