The PSL5 anthem failed to impress fans on the Internet.

The PSL5 anthem failed to impress fans on the Internet.

Posted on Jan 29, 2020

Where this anthem was released on the internet last day, it was hoped that it would be able to attract fans as well.

However, the PSL5 anthem failed to impress fans on the Internet.

Cricket fans were probably not ready to hear the PSL anthem 'Tayyar hain' on Twitter.

The hashtag 'Tayyar hain' was also created on social networking site Twitter, while users shared a lot of humorous memes, which also criticized the song.

He called this song by Ali Azmat, Asim Azhar and Haroon Rasheed the worst song of PSL ever.

A user even shared a hilarious meme made fun of this song.

According to him, he was ready and reached the hospital upon hearing.

'The whole mood is bad' when they hear this song.

He also cited Humayun Saeed's successful role "Danish" on this occasion.

Someone called this poem a waste of time.

Ali Zafar and the rest of Pakistanis after hearing 'Tayyar Hain'.

He reviews all the songs that have come before PSL with a hilarious picture.

One user even shared a photo of Ali Zafar who sang three songs for PSL. Pata, they are the best song ever produced. '

Another fan shared a photo of Ali Zafar and wrote that he is remembering him very much right now.

It should be noted that the first three songs of PSL were sung by Ali Zafar.

The first anthem 'Ab Khel Ke Dekha' appeared in 2016.

The second, 'Ab Khel Jamay Ga' 2017 and the third 'Dill Sy Jaan Laga Dy' released in 2018.

The three songs were sung by Ali Zafar, the second and third most popular.

Singer Ali Zafar himself tweeted a tweet about his name becoming the centre of attention on PSL's new anthem release.

Ali Zafar said, 'Aysha called me and said that my name is trending again. I thought what happened now? Will anyone tell me? '

It should be noted that after Ali Zafar, the 2019 song 'Khel Deewano Ka' was produced by Fawad Khan, but this song was not much liked.


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