The opening ceremony of the U-21 Games was held in Peshawar: PM Imran Khan

The opening ceremony of the U-21 Games was held in Peshawar: PM Imran Khan

The opening ceremony of the U-21 Games was held in Peshawar, which is also attended by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony held at Qayyum Stadium Sports Complex in Peshawar, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “I congratulate Chief Minister Mahmood Khan on holding the Under-21 Games and hope for all the players coming here. That you will compete vigorously '.

He said that 'these games will bring Pakistan's talent up'.

He told the youth about the importance of sports, "The first benefit of the game is physical to the human being, the person who considers his body to be a blessing of God always cares about it".

Imran Khan said that when competing in sports, they benefit their health, the sports competition has to be expanded from Union Council to rural level.

He said that life is the name of competition, in education, business, politics everywhere, and sports teach you to compete.

"The principle of competition is that a champion is someone who is not afraid to lose, learns to lose, a man loses when he loses, but a champion cannot be defeated," he said.

The Prime Minister said that no one has ever been a champion in the world who is not afraid of defeat and has not learned from it.

He said, "If I had not played sports, I would not have fought in politics for 22 years had I already lost and if I had not learned to face the difficult times in sports then the challenges I would have faced after coming to government. Leave home and go. '

Addressing the youth, the competition for life is the name of the lowly one, which reaches the one who is not afraid of bad times. When a man stands up, he is more powerful than ever.

"When a nation faces difficult times, it becomes stronger and stronger," he said.

He said that the businessman is not destroyed by the business due to loss but rather by taking shortcuts, corruption.

He said that the Pakistani nation has in sha Allah to be the greatest nation in the world and you people have to make the greatest nation.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is in Peshawar today for a one-day visit.

During his visit, Prime Minister will distribute sponsorship cards to eligible families under the sponsorship program, Radio Pakistan reports


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