The Leadership of the Team Will Not Affect the Batting of Babar Azam, Imran Tahir

The Leadership of the Team Will Not Affect the Batting of Babar Azam, Imran Tahir

South Africa's Pakistani-born league spinner Imran Tahir praised the national team captain Babar Azam's abilities, saying he was one of the best batsmen in the world and his captaincy would not adversely affect his batting.

According to the Dawn newspaper, Imran Tahir, who was present at the LCCA Ground for the training and coaching of young cricketers under the Shining Cricket Club, said, “Babar Azam is the best batsman in the world, the way he takes responsibility. I don't think the team's leadership in all three styles will have a negative effect on their batting.

Imran Tahir, who has limited himself to T20 by announcing his retirement from Test and ODI cricket this year, said that Babar Azam has established himself as an authentic batsman in all three styles, so he was under pressure. There should be no problem with captaincy to deal well.

Commenting on Babar Azam's first Test as captain of the Test team in New Zealand during his tour of Pakistan, he said, "It was not possible for me to say anything about him, but it is a good thing that cricket in the world." Imran Tahir added that it was good news that the South African cricket team was coming to Pakistan in January after a long absence. He said that it was a positive development that the South African team was coming to Pakistan (next year) and it was also important for the promotion of cricket at the national level.

Regarding meeting a good league spinner while coaching at Shining Club, he said that it was not a special visit to the club. Whenever he comes to Lahore, he goes to his first club where he received a lot of training in the early stages of his career. "There are some good youngsters here but I couldn't see them properly but I have given some useful advice to other cricketers including league spinner Ghulam Fatima who represents Pakistan," he said.

It may be recalled that three teams are being announced for the triangular series starting in Rawalpindi and Ghulam Fatima could not make a place for them in the 42 possible players. Regarding not selecting Ghulam Fatima for the triangular series, he said that these things happen in the life of a cricketer.

Imran Tahir said, "I have given some advice to Ghulam Fatima who is young, hardworking and promising and she will get a chance in future."


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