The International Olympic Committee is risking our lives

The International Olympic Committee is risking our lives

Athletes have expressed profound indignation at the International Olympics Association, despite no final announcement regarding the Olympics being held or the cancellation of the Games due to the Corona virus worldwide.

The Olympics are scheduled to take place in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, this year and are scheduled to be the world's largest sporting event since July 24, but no announcement has been made regarding the suspension of the Olympics, despite the cancellation of sporting events around the world. The reason why athletes around the world suffer from anxiety.

Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in more than 150 countries around the world, many countries have locked down security measures, and major players have moved to Quarantine as a way to prevent and prevent the spread of the virus.

However, even in this dangerous situation, with no announcement made regarding the Olympics, athletes are forced to risk their lives for training.

"The International Olympic Committee is risking our lives because training in this situation has become impossible," said Olympic champion Katrina Stefanidi of Greece.

In response, the International Olympic Committee said in its statement that it is an unusual situation that requires extraordinary solutions, that the International Olympic Committee seeks a solution to ensure the transparency of the sport and the health of the athletes. That has the least negative impact on athletes.


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