The arrival of the MCC will encourage teams to visit Pakistan, Sangakkara

The arrival of the MCC will encourage teams to visit Pakistan, Sangakkara

The team of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), led by former Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara, has reached Pakistan on a 7-day tour after 48 years, where he will play 4 matches during the tour.

The team, led by Marylebone Cricket Club President Kumar Sangakkara, arrived in Karachi early this morning and was greeted by Wasim Khan, chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

It should be remembered that the attack on the Sri Lankan team in March 2009 resulted in the closure of world cricket in Pakistan and Kumar Sangakkara was also a key member of the team.

Strict security arrangements were also made on the occasion of the arrival of the Marylebone Cricket Club after 48 years in Pakistan.

The Marylebone Cricket Club considered the oldest and most trusted club in the world, came into operation in 1987, and it is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the rules of cricket.

Addressing a press conference with PCB chief executive Wasim Khan, MCC captain Sangakkara said that for the first time he came to Pakistan in 2000, at that time many prominent players like Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram and Inzamam-ul-Haq were from the Pakistan team. Were part.

He praised the hospitality of Pakistan and said that all things including Pakistan's food, people, culture, civilization are very good. I love coming back to Pakistan and playing cricket here.

The former Sri Lankan captain said that for me in the past Pakistan has always been a memorable place for me and whenever Sri Lanka visited Pakistan I was part of the Sri Lankan team.

He said that Pakistan has been one of the best places for cricket in the past and I am hopeful that it will once again become the best place for cricket.

"I remember well that in 1996 Sri Lanka needed help, then the cricket world united and helped Sri Lanka come and play so that the message could be conveyed that the country is playing for cricket," he said. is safe.

"The purpose of our visit to Pakistan is to make the same message that Pakistan is a safe country for cricket and to help restore cricket in Pakistan," Sangakkara said.

PCB chief executive Wasim Khan said that South Asian teams like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have been coming to Pakistan but we need to understand the importance of visiting MCC because they are the keeper of cricket rules.

"We need role models to promote our game and it was very difficult to create role models while playing thousands of miles across the UAE," he said.

He said that if cricket is back in the country, youngsters will be able to see their favourite players playing in front of them and want to be like that which will give us future Waseem Akram, Waqar Younis and Babar Azam.

Kumar Sangakkara also termed the importance of holding cricket matches in the country, saying that if the matches were not held in the country for a long time, it would pose a risk that the desire for sports could not be eliminated and the players would not be able to play in their country. Watching the fans play in front of the world is great for the game of cricket.

He said that Pakistan is very important in world cricket and the purpose of this tour of MCC is to understand the importance of Pakistan and to play a role in the restoration of world cricket in the country so that other teams visit Pakistan.

The former Sri Lankan captain said that security is a worldwide problem right now, but Pakistan has taken a positive message to the world through excellent security arrangements in the last few years, which has restored the confidence of the world's teams.

He said that confidence was gradually recovering and the more teams visited Pakistan, the stronger the message would be to other teams in the world which would be difficult to ignore.

The MCC team will also play T20 matches against the Northern and Multan Sultans on February 17 and 19.

MCC's visit to Pakistan is of great importance as it was for the first time that MCC's visit to Pakistan resulted in a Test cricket membership.

The MCC team has also visited Pakistan five times before, the most important of which was the first tour which gave Pakistan the test cricket membership.

In 1951, the MCC team visited Pakistan for the first time in which two non-official Test matches were played.

The first non-official Test match of the tour was a draw but Pakistan won by four wickets in the second non-official Test match played after Lahore and due to this performance Pakistan got the test membership.

MCC then visited Pakistan on four more occasions, but this visit to Marylebone Cricket Club is unique in that no first-class match will be played in this tour.


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