Shoaib Malik and Rameez Raja Conflict at the issue of retirement

Shoaib Malik and Rameez Raja Conflict at the issue of retirement

Posted on Apr 10, 2020

Former national cricket team captain Shoaib Malik, along with himself, has suggested that Mohammed Hafeez and cricket commentator Rameez Raja should retire together, in response to which Rameez Raja has asked him what he is retiring from.

On the social networking site, spotted on Twitter where Shoaib Malik expressed his willingness to retire Rameez Raja's Shoaib Malik and Mohammed Hafeez, saying, "We all three are at the end of careers." Let's retire, let's make a plan together for 2022. "

He also tagged Mohammad Hafeez in his message and used the hashtag along with the words 'joke'.

In response to this, former commentator Rameez Raja asked him, "Who am I to retire from, talking about cricket in Pakistan, can't be that, I can never retire."

He said in another tweet, "As far as your retirement plans are concerned, it will be difficult to start commenting in 2022, at which point you will be almost my age and talk about a career. I want to learn from you. Needless to say, history is the best teacher for me, I would like to tell you that when I retired I was captain of the Pakistani team. '

It may be recalled that a few days ago Rameez Raja interviewed the Press Trust of India saying that Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik should retire from world cricket.

Talking to the media at the video conference, he said, "I refrain from giving any personal opinion on any player."

"There is no doubt that both players have provided a lot of services for Pakistan cricket, but now I think it is time for them to retire," he said.

He said, "His retirement will help Pakistan cricket, we have many good players and we should move on now."

It may be recalled that both Mohammed Hafeez and Shoaib Malik were called back for the T20 after missing a place in the team for the past year.

The decision made by head coach and chief selector Misbah-ul-Haq had mixed reactions, and many criticized the move to return to senior players.

39-year-old Mohammad Hafeez and 38-year-old Shoaib Malik have stressed that there is still plenty of cricket left to represent Pakistan at the T20 World Cup in Australia this year.

However, Mohammad Hafeez said he would retire after the T20 tournament.

Shoaib Malik, who retired four years before Test matches and one year before ODI cricket, refuses to talk about his future plans.


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