Russell Domingo would like to visit Pakistan

Russell Domingo would like to visit Pakistan

Bangladesh Cricket Team Head Coach Russell Domingo has said he would like to visit Pakistan if the board allows.

According to a report from the ICC's website, Russell Domingo had said that if Bangladesh Cricket Board had accepted the offer, they would go to Pakistan.

They said that I am one of those who want to visit and if that happens I will go.

"I think we can talk about this issue only once that decision is made, we need to talk to the cricket board and the board will decide what the next step will be," Domingo said.

It is to be noted that the Bangladesh team's visit to Pakistan is scheduled this month and the T20 and Test matches will be played during the tour, but the Bangladesh Cricket Board has agreed to play only T20.

Bangladesh suggested moving the Test series to another location, which was rejected by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and called for concrete reasons.

The PCB said that two teams from Bangladesh have already played in Pakistan, so the reason for not playing the Test series in Pakistan should be mentioned.

Bangladesh Cricket Board chief executive Nizam-ud-din Chowdhury said, "We are determined that we want to play only T20 matches in Pakistan. The long visit to Bangladesh team is a matter of doubt about Pakistan."

He said that the people and organizations associated with this series do not want to play long-term matches in Pakistan and in fact, we have no option, we can play T20 matches but when it comes to playing Test matches, they will be in a neutral position. Will be held on


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