Run Out of Fraud, Pakistan Team Management Complained to the Match Referee

Run Out of Fraud, Pakistan Team Management Complained to the Match Referee

Pakistan team management has complained to the match referee about dismissing Pakistani batsman Fakhar Zaman for 'cheating' in the second ODI between Pakistan and South Africa. In the second ODI of the series between Pakistan and South Africa in Johannesburg on Sunday, the hosts gave the Green Shirts a 342-run target for victory.

In pursuit of the target, Pakistan's batting line failed miserably and none of the batsmen could match the South African bowlers except Fakhar Zaman. However, Fakhar Zaman stood in the way of the South African team's victory and played brilliant innings of 193 runs to bring Pakistan very close to victory.

Fakhar tried to run two runs to take a strike on this occasion, but de Kock drew Fakhar to the other end to run out. Fakhar Zaman slowed down between the wickets in an attempt to see at the other end and meanwhile the ball thrown by the South African fielder hit the wickets straight and he was run out which made him complete his second double century by a narrow margin Were left to do.

When Fakhar Zaman was asked about it after the match, he said he felt responsible for the run-out because he was looking at Haris Rauf at the other end as the fast bowler ran late for the second run. The Pakistan team management has expressed frustration over the attitude of the host wicketkeeper-batsman and has lodged a verbal complaint with the match referee in this regard.

According to sources, team manager Mansoor Rana spoke to match referee Andy Piecraft orally, but no formal written complaint was lodged by Pakistan. It is to be noted that Marylebone Cricket Club, the defender of the rules of cricket, had also taken a stand in this regard that Fakhar Zaman was indeed dismissed by deception.

The club said in a message on the social networking site Twitter that the law is very clear, now they have to decide whether such an attempt was made or not, if there is, the batsman will be awarded five penalty runs along with two runs. It is up to the batsmen to decide who will face the next ball.

After the match, several former players and commentators commented on the matter, calling De Kock's behavior deplorable and contrary to the spirit of the game. It is worth mentioning here that Fakhar Zaman could not lead Pakistan to victory with this innings but he set a new world record. Fakhar Zaman became the first batsman in the history of ODI cricket to play the largest innings in pursuit of a target.

Earlier, Shane Watson of Australia had the record of playing the largest innings in pursuit of the target, who played an innings of 185 against Bangladesh in 2011.


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