PSL5 : Some Suggestions for Organizers and fans

PSL5 : Some Suggestions for Organizers and fans

Posted on Feb 13, 2020

The successful 'Pakistan Super League' (PSL) journey is about to enter its fifth season. When the league debuted in the United Arab Emirates in 2016, Pakistani fans wanted cricket to play on the ICC ground, and the good thing was that the fans' desire was fulfilled step by step.

The final was first played in Lahore in 2017, then 3 matches were held in Pakistan in 2018, after which the situation improved a little. In 2019, 8 matches were scheduled in Karachi and Lahore, but unfortunately between Pakistan and India. Due to tension, no match was played in Lahore and all these matches were played at the National Stadium in Karachi.

But this time the good news for all of us is that now one, 2 or 8 matches are not being played in Pakistan, but the entire league is being played in Pakistani matches, and this time it is not just Lahore or Karachi but Rawalpindi and Multan will also be partners.

A total of 34 matches will be played in this tournament. In four PSL editions played so far, Islamabad United managed to decorate the crown of victory 2 times, while Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators won the tournament once.

Teams from Pakistan's two major cities Karachi and Lahore have failed to reach the final in the first 4 tournaments. If the teams of Karachi and Lahore manage to reach the final of the fifth edition, the fans will enjoy a full return to this league for cricket.

While the PSL has given a wave of cheers to fans since returning, there have been some negative aspects associated with this league. Today, we will try to review some of the negative aspects in the hope that in the future, the Pakistan Cricket Board and other organizations and individuals associated with the league will do their best to address these negative aspects.

Pakistan Cricket Board and franchisee relations

Cricket fans in Pakistan are grateful to all the sponsors of the Pakistan Super League franchise owners, players, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and PSL who decided to launch this league at a time when Pakistan The chances of returning to cricket were almost imminent and there was a fear that if this league did not come to Pakistan, its future could not be bright in any way.

But after the launch of this league, Pakistan benefited from many important aspects. On the one hand, the fans had the opportunity to enjoy a standard league of T20 cricket, while on the other hand Pakistani players, coaches and commentators had the opportunity to interact with foreign players, commentators and journalists, and to increase their meetings and contacts. Cricket has helped a lot in improving Pakistan's credibility and its prospects are very bright in the future.

The first downside between these positive aspects is the disagreement between Pakistan Cricket Board and the franchise on various issues. Sometimes it is found on the schedule of non-incidental tournament matches, sometimes on the delay in payment of money from the franchise and sometimes on other matters.

In the early editions of the PSL, Mikey Arthur was once the coach of the national cricket team and the Karachi Kings. His position was raised by other franchises and the board decided that the coach of the national cricket team would not be the coach of any franchise in the future but unfortunately, the decision could not be implemented. Because now Misbah-ul-Haq is the head coach of the national cricket team, he is also taking over as the coach of Islamabad United.

The board should review its sustainability before any legislation is made so that it is not as difficult to implement as it is not as bad or harmful as making a decision. It cannot be implemented later.

The tension between the board and the franchise rests on both sides. At times this tension would have led to the fear that the league might be held in a sack, but the good thing is that as the days of the league approaches, matters get settled. But even better, such problems should be eliminated before they arise.

Arrange to bring the fans on the field

Whenever PSL matches are held in Pakistan, special arrangements are made in view of security concerns, so spectators have to park their vehicles and motorcycles at specific locations not far from the field, and they have to go to the stadium via a special shuttle service. Is transported to

Last year when I went to see a PSL match with my family at the National Stadium in Karachi, I was shocked to find that the shuttle journey started at Gate No.1 of Karachi Expo Center and ended at Gate No 1. And we had to walk a long distance to reach the stadium.

Another important factor is that the number of shuttles available to bring the fans to the field was low and cricket fans had to wait a long time for the second shuttle to arrive. It is hoped that this time the local and league administrations will improve the performance in this regard.

Lack of facilities within the field

There was a time in Pakistan when going out to watch matches was nothing short of fun, people used to cook different dishes from home. Pricey and expensive was a great option for such occasions. But today, unfortunately, due to the strict security arrangements, fans have to rely on only those items available on the field to satisfy hunger and thirst. In this regard, the role of the organizers is very important.

It is the responsibility of the administrators to monitor the food stalls and ensure that the standard goods are available at a reasonable price at each stall.

Last year I saw at the National Stadium that the water was filled with a large steel filter. The people of Karachi do not use tap water, so apart from this free water, people were preferring to buy water from trusted brands.

My Cricket Board wants to make the visitors coming to watch the match during the fifth edition of PSL a pleasant and memorable experience by providing them with in-field facilities.

Ads during live broadcasts

Out of the problems of those on the field, they now turn to the cricketers who enjoy these games through TV and remember that the majority of them are fans.

The proliferation of advertisements on television channels during a live broadcast of these matches can cause serious confusion for viewers. When a player is out, the audience wants to see the reaction of both the outgoing and the outgoing player, but at this point, the advertisement is so fast that the fun is crisp.

Sometimes this happens even when the channel starts showing the ad at the last ball of the match in a hurry, and sometimes the ad is so long that the viewer loses sight of the first ball of the over.

It is their right to make a profit on their investment, but I also urge them to make money in the sun. Also, take care of the ads and show ads in such a way that it doesn't hang and the colours come in handy.

The disappearance of Urdu in commentators 

If you mention all four seasons of PSL, then there is no denying that the quality of commentary has been excellent throughout this league, and that prominent international commentators have contributed to it.

If these previous commentators are included with the commentators of the present, comments on the match will be enjoyed. The past commentator I would like to see in PSL's commentary box is Chishti Mujahid. Hearing the way Chishti Mujahid connects the word with great satisfaction during the commentary, the audience feels that they are listening to a poet, not a commentator.

But since the PSL is a country league, there is a shortage from the outset, which is the most urgent need of time, and that is the shortcoming of Ardo commentary.

Pakistan is a country where the majority of its residents do not speak English. In this situation, if the live commentary is being arranged in English as well as in Urdu while broadcast lives on television, a large number of viewers will be watching the match as well as the live commentary on the match.

Again, this is not the case, but the local language is given importance in leagues around the world, whether it be for neighbouring India or the league playing in Africa, 2 separate arrangements are made everywhere.

The responsibility of the cricket fans

Just a week later, thanks to the matches of the Pakistan Super League, where cricket fans in the field will be able to see their favourite players in action, they will add some rankings for them. We know this will be an opportunity for happiness, but on this spectacular occasion, the fans will not have to give up the discipline, they will have to refrain from any immoral activity and disruption.

This field is not the property of anyone but the common property of all of us, so we must treat them as we do our own things, because the breakdown here will be the cause of our loss, not of anyone else.

Fans should be fully aware that any kind of clandestine and immoral activity on the field or in the vicinity of the field, as well as their city and country's name, can be slandered.

My heartfelt prayer is that the Pakistan Cricket Board, as it has in the past, will hold this league in a cheerful manner and the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League will continue its tradition of highlighting Pakistan's positive identity internationally.


Mian Tajamul

Blog Author

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