PSL snatched my job, Ahmed Godil

PSL snatched my job, Ahmed Godil

Posted on Feb 24, 2020

Ahmed Godil, who is hosting the inaugural Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020, said he has been sacked by PCB and PSL after criticizing fans for cricket and defending himself.

In a video message on social networking site 'Facebook', Ahmed Godil spoke in detail about his dismissal and fans laughed at cricket and said, "Great news for you."

In the video message he said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I want to give a good news today that all you guys have done to me and the curb I have gone through, I want to give a piece of big news that I am now a part of PSL and PCB.

Addressing the cricket fans after his introduction, Ahmed Godil said in his message, "Congratulations to you guys, I thought I would personally congratulate you but I have a question for you."

Referring to his question, he said, "You said as bad as you could say, but being a human being, did you once think that such a big event was done by Ahmed Godil alone? , All the things I did '.

He said: "Catch him who did all this, why not catch him, why not hold him responsible, why only me and where I am humiliated and hurt today. At that time I needed my company. '

Ahmed Godil said, "For the same institution whose mistakes I handled and for two and a half, I rubbed my shoes for three years, stayed in the field for 10,10 hours, screaming and cheering people. Today, I raised my hand and said, "Go fight your own battle."

He said, "My organization tells me who went to different media organizations and allowed me to explain my position, why I should not have done that, did I not have this right?"


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