PSL Music Album Release Based on Different Languages of Pakistan | PSL 6

PSL Music Album Release Based on Different Languages of Pakistan | PSL 6

The sixth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has started 2 days ago and its matches are being played at the National Stadium in Karachi these days. Even before the start of the PSL, there is a lot of excitement among cricket fans and its official anthem is also released before the start of each season of the Pakistan Super League.

Like every time, the official anthem is released this time too, but this year, on the 6th anniversary of the Pakistan Super League, today (February 22) PSL has released its first music album consisting of 6 anthems. The album includes season 6's official anthem 'Groove Mera' and 5 tracks created by young artists. These 5 PSL anthems have been composed by young artists and music bands Mano, Rosio, Lyari Underground, Southern Rabbit, and Khumariyan.

The first music album of Pakistan Super League has been released on the official YouTube channel of PSL, each song of which is completely different from the other. Regarding the songs, various tweets on the PSL's official Twitter account said that music is one of the most important languages ​​spoken in Pakistan. The tweet added that the anthems have been released to set the mood and tone of cricket fans for this season and at the same time it is hoped that PSL fans will like these anthems this season.

The album released on PSL's YouTube channel contains these 6 songs and internet users are also liking these new songs.

1. Groove Mera

Number one on this album is the official anthem of Pakistan Super League season 6, 'Grove Meera', sung by Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig and Talha Younis, and Talha Anjum of Young Stinger Band.

'Grove Meera' was released on February 6. After a mixed reaction from the public and celebrities, the anthem has been viewed 11.5 million times so far.

2. Googly

The album includes the second song 'Googly' which was released today, this song is sung by Mano and Rosio. Different graphics have also been used in this anthem.

"Working with the PSL 6 team was a dream come true, working on the song was a very pleasant experience," said Mano, a singer from Googly. Looking at YouTube comments, internet users have liked it a lot.

3. Laibo

The song 'Laibo' included in this PSL 6 album was sung by a music band called Lyari Underground. The song is in Urdu and English as well as other regional languages, especially for cricket fans.

In the comments of the same song, a user called it a masterpiece and said that it is a good song for Pakistan. "I can hear Pashto, Sindhi, English, Balochi, and Urdu in this song. It is good," he wrote. Most of the users have credited the management of PSL for releasing this anthem.

"We are proud to release the song for PSL 6 in our own style and language," said Lyari Underground Band of 'Leibo'. He said that this is a good opportunity for Lyari for people to connect with their culture and enjoy its music.

4. Bazi Paltay Gi Yahaan

The fourth song on the album is "Bazi Paltay Gi Yahaan" produced by the music band South Rabbit. Filled with colors and various graphics, the song has been well-received by fans, with some users reminding them of Pakistan's most popular pop band, Vital Signs.

"Writing a song was a big challenge for the stadium audience, we thought in a new way and came up with a great song," said the Southern Rabbit Band.

5. 6ixer

This song is composed by Talal Qureshi which is based on graphics and music only and there are no lyrics in it. This PSL anthem depicts the players batting, bowling, and finally taking the trophy in a very unique way.

Talal Qureshi said that due to the global epidemic, most people will not be able to watch the match and will stay connected through a song that will force everyone to dance.

6. Maidaan

The last song of this album 'Maidan' has been produced by Khumarian Band which is in the Pashto language and is mostly based on music. The song depicts the Khyber Pass and the birds fly, the sun rises and sets using animation.

Regarding the song, Khumarian Band said that it was great to see that PSL gave a chance to different artists of this album from all over the country and it was a great experience.


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