Pakistan's victory at Kabaddi World Cup Trending on Twitter

Pakistan's victory at Kabaddi World Cup Trending on Twitter

Pakistan wins the championship for the first time by defeating traditional rivals India by 2 points in the final of the Kabaddi World Cup 2020 in the Kabaddi World Cup, which is being celebrated across the country on social media. Is also being celebrated.

Like other sports, after the success of the Kabaddi World Cup, the Pakistani people praised the Kabaddi team on social media and sent a message to India that the month of February was not a good one.

Many consumers on social media linked the Kabaddi Cup win to the Indian Air Force's arrest of an Indian pilot by the Pakistan Air Force last year and messaged the Indians that the month was not good for them.

Sharing photos of Pakistan team's win at Kabaddi World Cup from IMS Pak's Twitter handle, it was once again said that Pakistan Air Force once again made India terrific.

The tweet claims that the captain of Pakistan's Kabaddi team is an Assistant Warrant Officer of the Pakistan Air Force.

Sharing a picture of the winning Kabaddi team with a Twitter handle named Asif Ansari, it was proved that India did not come to February.

While fans linked the Pakistani team's victory to the Kabaddi Cup in February, some linked the scenes of the Kabaddi game to the battle on social media between the people of Pakistan and India.

Sharing a glimpse of the final of the Kabaddi Cup with a Twitter handle called Dawar H Butt, it resembled the battle of Pakistanis and Indians on social media.

Instead of writing something about a Pakistani win and an Indian defeat in the final of the Kabaddi Cup, one simply wrote 'Kabadi, Kabadi, Kabadi, Kabadi'

Journalist and anchor Amber Rahim Shamsi also tweeted about Pakistan's win in the Kabaddi final.

The team was congratulated by several prominent political and government figures on Pakistan's victory in the Kabaddi Cup, and Prime Minister Imran Khan himself tweeted.

Prime Minister Imran Khan's tweet was answered with a hilarious and fake account created by the Queen of Britain, which was well-liked by fans.

The Indian people also responded to Prime Minister Imran Khan's tweet and started crying that the team that came to play in the Kabaddi Cup was not the real Indian team.

An Indian fan claimed that the players of India's official Kabaddi team were not allowed to play in Pakistan so other players came there who were not part of the government team.


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