My father refused to pay a bribe for selection in my team, Virat Kohli

My father refused to pay a bribe for selection in my team, Virat Kohli

Posted on May 20, 2020

Indian captain Virat Kohli has revealed that his father refused to pay a bribe for his selection in the Delhi junior team.

ODI world number one batsman and captain of the Indian team Virat Kohli said in an online forum with the captain of the Indian football team.
He was not selected in the team for not paying a bribe, which broke his heart.

"Sometimes in my home state there are things that are not right and on one occasion a person did not make me part of the team on merit," he said.

"This man told my father that I have merit but I have to pay some bribe for the final selection," he said.

"My father insisted on selection on merit and said that if you have to choose Virat, do it on merit, I will not give you anything extra," Kohli said.

The current captain of the Indian team said that he cried a lot when he was not selected in the team and his heart was broken but this incident taught him a lot and he understood that this is how the world works.

"I knew in that look that if I had to move on, I would have to do something that no one else was doing," he said.
If I want to be successful, I have to be the best, and I have to work hard to achieve this.

"My father showed me the right path not only through words but also through his actions. These little things had a profound effect on my life," Kohli said.

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Kohli's father was a lawyer and died when the legendary batsman was 18 years old.

Surprisingly, however, Kohli was still so obsessed with the game that he went to Delhi to play a Ranji Trophy match on the day of his father's death.
 And after getting his team out of trouble in the match, he performed his father's last rites.

"After my father's death, I realized I had to do something in my life, now I think how good it would be," Kohli said.
If I could give my dad the quiet retired life he deserved and most of the time I would not be able to control myself emotionally by thinking about him.


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