Leading wrestler Muhammad Afzal Sher died of coronavirus

Leading wrestler Muhammad Afzal Sher died of coronavirus

Posted on Apr 23, 2020

Leading Pakistani wrestler and former Olympian teacher Haji Muhammad Afzal Sher has died after infecting the coronavirus.

Famous wrestler Haji Muhammad Afzal died at the age of 85 in New York due to coronavirus.

Haji Muhammad Afzal was born on April 7, 1935, and in 1960 he was awarded the title of Lion of Pakistan by the President of Pakistan Ayub Khan.

He competed in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics but was ruled out of the semi-finals due to injury.


Haji Muhammad Afzal represented Pakistan in the 1964 Olympics - Photo courtesy of Abu Bakar Bilal
He was recently transferred to the United States after a month-long illness, where he died today of the coronavirus.

He is survived by four sons, three of whom live in the United States and one in Pakistan.

Olympian Mohammad Afzal taught many famous wrestlers to fall and his famous students include Bashir Bholabhala, Tayyab Raza Awan, Tiger Wrestler, Usman Majeed Blue Wrestler.

Haji Mohammad Afzal also taught Bilal Awan Pahlawan, Hafiz Israr Pahlawan and Yasir Abbas Pahlawan the tricks of wrestling.

It should be noted that Mohammad Afzal is the third Pakistani player to die of coronavirus.

Last month, Azam Khan, a great squash player, died in London after contracting the coronavirus.

Zafar Sarfraz, brother of former first-class cricketer and former national team cricketer Akhtar Sarfraz, died of the coronavirus this month.


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