Karachi: issued a traffic and Parking plan for the matches of Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020

Karachi: issued a traffic and Parking plan for the matches of Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020

Karachi administration and traffic police have issued a traffic plan for the matches of Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020.

It should be noted that the PSL5 will start from February 20 (Thursday) at the National Stadium in Karachi.

In this regard, the city administration and the traffic police issued a traffic plan so that visitors to the stadium do not face any problems.

The official news agency APP report quoted the administration's release as saying that spectators coming to the National Stadium Karachi will have to show their original ticket as well as the actual computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) to watch the match.

The statement said that spectators will be provided parking at certain places under which the people come to the stadium, Urdu University Ground, Ghareeb Nawaz Football Stadium near Millennium Mall, Expo Center and Agha Khan Hospital on Stadium Road. Parks will be able to park at Gills College.

Similarly, heavy traffic from Sohrab Goot to Napa, Liaquatabad No. 10 to Hassan Square, People's Chorangi to University Road will not be allowed.

Apart from this, traffic will not be allowed from the highway to the stadium. All these vehicles will be available from Napa, Askari 4 (Millennium), Drug Road to Shahra-e-Faisal or Millennium, Napa to Safura or Nepa to Gulshan Chorangi, Sohrab Goot.

In addition, vehicles entering University Road will not be allowed to go to Stadium Road at the intersection of Newtown Chowringhee.

However, traffic coming from Agha Khan Hospital, Liaquat National Hospital will be allowed to arrive at New Town Police Station.

Similarly, those who want to come to see the match will be allowed to come after seeing the tickets while the traffic police will be there to assist them.


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