Is Peshawar Zalmi best team in Pakistan Super League 2020?

Is Peshawar Zalmi best team in Pakistan Super League 2020?

Posted on Feb 11, 2020

When cricket arrives in late February, Pakistan's cricketing spring also returns. Yes, you are right, there is talk of Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Cricket connects hearts in Pakistan and Pakistan Super League in the spring of hearts. This time, the colours of this spring are even more open to the whole league that is being played in Pakistan.

League cricket has now become a science. From team selection to tactics of every match, there is a lot of brainwashing. For this reason, as important players are now, management has become as important. We just try to evaluate which teams have worked hard, made combinations and how much they can benefit from this time.

Peshawar Zalmi

Every time the Peshawar Zalmi people get on the field with the best team. His greatest feature is that he runs the team as a family. Many people may find this phrase strange, but it is the truth, and the team owner, Javed Afridi, is very personable in creating this perfect environment. They walk the team in a very friendly way and break the stranger's wall.

When it comes to making the Pakistan Super League final in Pakistan in 2017, the rest of the team's players seemed hesitant, but Zalmai had already announced that all our foreign players would come to Pakistan and they would also come. ۔ It was a friendship of friendship and trust, and for this reason, Peshawar Zalmi also became a champion because his association was not affected while the Quetta Gladiators had to bring in new players at the same time which they suffered.

These players and Peshawar Zalmi's coach Andy Flower also played a vital role in restoring cricket in Pakistan, as they also played a significant role in bringing in the World XI players. Sir Vivian Richards is also greeted in this regard.

Let's talk about the team now. Darren Sammy's case has given the Zalmias an excellent captain as it is rumoured that they may not captain, but no formal announcement has been made yet.

Bowling of Peshawar Zalmi  

Zalmi's greatest feature is his outstanding bowling. His bowling plays an important role in the victories. Wahab Riaz has been with him from day one and has been a very effective bowler in limited-overs. One of the issues with Wahab Riaz is that he performs better in domestic or league cricket than international cricket.

Hasan Ali is a good finder of Peshawar Zalmai. Although he had made his iron debut in the first-class before coming to Peshawar, he got his real identity from here and was later declared the best fast bowler in Pakistan but the world.

This time, Peshawar has selected the 2 best players in Emerging. Aamir Khan, who can be called the best fast bowler of the future and with him is Aamir Ali who is a very capable left-arm spinner. Both are currently playing in the U-19 World Cup and have reached Pakistan in the semi-finals.

Rahat Ali is a seasoned veteran. Their experience will also work. Alongside Liam Dawson and the African Divine Pretoria. The good thing about both of them is that they are the best bowlers and can make 25 to 30 runs by playing big shots as needed. Wahab Riaz does the same, even with Hasan Ali.

Peshawar has even more benefit because its most important bowlers are Pakistani. The advantage of local and good talent is that you have more options as only 4 foreign players can be part of the team.

If a team has the option of batting till the last number in the T20, it is very difficult to beat such a team, and this facility is available to Peshawar. For more versatility in bowling, there are leopards like Kieron Pollard, Darren Sammy and Shoaib Malik whose experience is invaluable. League spinner Mohsin has also surprised the experts with his abilities. Mohsin also performed well in the recent Emerging Asia Cup played in Dhaka.

Batting of Peshawar Zalmi

Peshawar Zalmi is strong in batting as well. Kamran Akmal is the best batsman in the Pakistan Super League. A consistent opener like him is rarely available to any other team. The perfection of Kamran Akmal is that he has not only scored but made fast, which puts pressure on the opposing team in the beginning.

Now this time he will be joined by Tom Banton. Tom Banton, who plays from Surrey, is amazing and looks like the new Mr 360. He made a spot on the English team by splashing in English County and then left his fine batting prowess in the Australian Big Bash.

Then comes the number Umar Amin, who is stylish and has a beautiful style, apart from the fact that despite his consistently good performance in domestic cricket, he has never been successful on a global level. Adil Amin is also a regular domestic performer. Shoaib Malik is the oldest player in the world, but he is young and has no place in league cricket.

Kieron Pollard has been buzzing for a while, but ever since he was captained by the West Indies, he has returned to form. From time to time Imamul Haq can also be dropped off in the field. He also played some good innings for Peshawar last season.

 Peshawar Zalmi has also selected the supplementary players. Haider Ali, the vice-captain of the national U-19 team, will be a key pillar of the national team in the betting field in the future. In addition, the English Loving Stones make excellent hitting. He has also played memorable bars for the Karachi Kings before. His performance for Perth Scorchers has been excellent in the current Big Bash season.



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