Is it really not allowed to play Ali Zafar's songs in the PSL?

Is it really not allowed to play Ali Zafar's songs in the PSL?

Posted on Feb 24, 2020

As the controversy over the inauguration of the Season 5 of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) comes, every passing day brings new and exciting news.

While the opening ceremony was disliked by both fans and stars, fans also expressed their desire on social media to bring Ali Zafar back for PSL anthem.

However, it is now reported that Ali Zafar is not allowed to play songs in the PSL.

Host Waseem Badami talked to Ali Zafar in a telephone show during his show and in the meantime, he showed Ali Zafar along with a video of PSL's inaugural host Ahmed Godil in which he celebrated the ceremony. 

In his video, Ahmed Godil said, "Feminism in his place, Me to his place, Ali Zafar has not yet been charged and heard that the Meesha Shafi case has also been lost, but I am allowed in the PSL. Not that I can play any of Ali Zafar's songs. '

"Instead of forgetting the old things and supporting each other, we also have to face it," he added.

According to Ahmed Godil, "I do not know what will happen in the future, I do not know what is written ahead of me, but what Allah writes is the best plan and there is nothing human can do in front of it."

Ali Zafar expressed surprise at Ahmed Godil's statement and said that PSL is not a brand of any one person, organization, sponsor or any team, it is a brand of Pakistanis and is for Pakistanis only.

Ali Zafar said, "When I was hired for 3 years at PSL, I only worked to expand the brand at a very low cost because such positive things were rarely done in this country.

"I did what I could and my purpose was to make this brand happy," he said.

According to Ali Zafar, "I made this song to them. Now if they did not play their own song, then the Pakistan Cricket Board should confirm that none of my songs will go to the stadium."

At the end of the show, Waseem Badami requested Ali Zafar to release himself by singing a song for PSL even if he did not get the official PSL song.

Ali Zafar said, "I will do my best to fulfil the wishes of the people but I do not want to show anybody's heart".

It may be recalled that after the inauguration of the PSL, singer Ali Azmat criticized Ali Zafar in an interview saying that some artists bought bloggers to prove their songs negative.

After that, Ali Zafar also released a hilarious video on his Twitter account in which he said that if no song or event was played then he would be responsible for it.

Ali Zafar has been the lyricist for the first 3 seasons of PSL.

The fourth season was sung by Fawad Khan.

It is to be noted that the anthem of PSL5 is Tayyar Hian' sung by Ali Azmat, Asim Azhar, Haroon Rashid and Arif Lohar.

The song also received a mixed response from the fans, while Ali Zafar's lyrics 'Seeti bajy gi' were well-remembered on social media.


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