IPL indefinitely postponed due to coronavirus

IPL indefinitely postponed due to coronavirus

New Delhi: The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been postponed indefinitely after the lockdown was extended in India due to the Coronavirus.

The lockdown was initially announced by the Indian government until April 5, but the fast-growing cases in the country have caused the government to extend the lockdown until May.

No formal announcement of the event was announced by Indian cricket authorities, but the suspension of the world's largest cricket league was inevitable due to the lockdown expansion.

Like other sports in the world, the IPL has been postponed, which was to be held from March 29 this year.


A team official told AFP on condition of anonymity that we have been told that the IPL is currently being canceled and that we look for a suitable opportunity at the end of the year to try to hold the event. 

According to media reports, all IPL teams were informed on Wednesday of indefinite suspension and now the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) plans to hold the event in September or October.

BCCI chief Saru Ganguly expressed hope that sports activities would start soon.

Ganguly had said that life was halted everywhere in the world, so what would be the future of sports?

Due to worldwide restrictions, players will no longer be able to travel and new visas will not be issued due to restrictions in India, so the event will not be possible for the next few weeks.

Former Maoist Indian batsman VVS Lakshman said the IPL should be held before the T20 World Cup, which is scheduled in October and November.

"I think most cricket boards around the world recognize the fact that the IPL is a great tournament and if it is before the World Cup, If held, then the environment will become.

He hoped that everything would be better and that no one would be in danger and once that happened, the cricket calendar would be launched from the IPL.

Some cricketers, including former English cricketers, suggested that the event be shortened and that the IPL should be held in 4 weeks instead of 8 weeks and matches should be played at the closed stadium.

The league is extremely profitable for both the Indian Cricket Board and the Indian economy, and the Indian economy is expected to earn $ 11 billion from the league this year.


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